I've thought it's funny how Matthew McConaughey seems to consider himself an assistant coach for the University of Texas sports programs.

On the sideline for the football games giving motivational speeches. "Football and acting are the same, I work hard on my line, y'all work hard on your skills, we are the same." Something I imagine he'd say.

I'm sure I would be motivated by the Oscar winner, but it's still funny.

UT seems to take everything the 49-year-old does seriously. Enough so that they recently hired him as a professor to teach film at the Moody College of Communication. And they are shelling out lots of cash for his service.

According to Business Insider, McConaughey will get $12,000 for every course he teaches independently and $6,000 for those he co-teaches.

It is unknown how many classes he will teach, ut he has been given 'full-time status' so UT could be making quite an investment.

The man is a living legend, especially around Central Texas. I suppose his presence could bring in quite a return for the school.

Hook'em and alright, alright, alright.




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