Matthew McConaughey got his B.S degree in Radio-Television-Film from the University of Texas in 1993 and is an honorary assistant coach of sorts for whatever sport he feels like at his alma mater. But the 49-year-old had never officially received his high school diploma until last Friday.

The Oscar winner went back to his home town of Longview, Texas to deliver the commencement speech to the 2019 graduating class, and picked up his proof of graduation while he was there. Hey, thirty-one years late is better than never.

When handed the diploma, he reportedly clutched it and said, "Proof". Gotta love the sense of humor.

Now the big question is, does the Oscar get pulled off the shelf for his NEW certificate? I would think so. I mean who even watches the Academy Awards anyway?! Oh, a lot of people. Well, maybe he has enough shelf space in his mansion for both.


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