When I saw this story it gave me chills because I remember this from my days in Chicago.

I kinda sorta have an indirect connection to this story.... but not really, let me explain:

Back in 2001, Two Chicago girls Tionda age 10 and Diamond Bradley age 3 were reported missing after their mom found a note saying that they would be going to school and a nearby store. They lived in the same apartment complex that I would later move into

It was a historic Chicago manhunt with 5000 abandoned buildings, open fields, and railroad cars being searched only to find nothing.

The young girls would now be 21 and 28 years old now.

I was on the radio in Chicago when this case happened and years later I had a psychic on my show.

A caller asked the psychic where the girls are if they are still alive, and what's their whereabouts.

The Psychic quickly responded they are down south somewhere at a family member‘s home and are safe.

WGN TV reported that a woman had come forth saying that she is in Texas and indeed one of the missing girls.

Facebook instant messages revealed a conversation between the woman who lives in Beaumont Texas who claims she is Tionda, and the aunt of the missing girls Sheila Bradley Smith.

Investigators are now confirming that it all was a hoax!

And the woman who has come forth has used multiple names on social media and may have tried this hoax before.

Why would anyone do this especially knowing the pain in this family has suffered since 2001?!?!


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