A mother has been arrested after her 5-year-old special needs son was found weighing less than 25 pounds!

Source: Daytona Beach Police Dept./WKMG/CNN

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Credit: KXXV

Florida mother, 24-year-old Naomie Hall, was arrested after authorities found her 5-year-old son dehydrated, underweight and filthy, according to KXXV. The child was so underweight he was not even on the medical charts for children his age. A caseworker who had already been investigating Hall found the boy, thankfully! The poor child couldn't stand, walk or speak! According to the police report, he hadn't been educated, so he did not know how to communicate. Investigators say that Hall admitted that she would not feed him for three or four days at a time and did not give him his prescribed medicine. Doctors at the hospital where he was taken said he had not been bathed in “quite a while!” Hall was charged with child neglect causing great harm.

In my opinion, a mother has to be a monster to do this to any child, let alone one she birthed!! This is heartbreaking, but I am glad the caseworker was on her job and found the boy before it was too late!

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