I don't usually talk politics publicly, but after seeing this ad recently I had to know -how's everybody else feeling about this?

Political Ad

Warning: The video below doesn't contain any NSFW language, but could be disturbing to some viewers:

Talk about playing to the extreme.

First Day of School

The ad, which was put together by Mothers Against Greg Abbott, starts off pretty generically. A mother is getting her son ready for the first day of school while a pot of coffee is brewing. The mom smiles throughout while helping her son tie his shoe and double checks his phone to make sure the "do not disturb" feature is turned on for class.

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The commercial ends with the kid standing there emotionless, wearing body armor while holding a sign that says “first day of school”. The words  “Our children are not soldiers. Vote for change on November 8th” then appears on the screen to end the commercial.

Rant Ahead

Honestly, I was kind of shocked to see this. I understand the message behind the ad, but using kids as a 'political prop' doesn't feel right. It seems wrong to me to make this point in this manner.

I know that what happened in Uvalde is still fresh on everyone's mind and keeping our kids safe at school is the number 1 priority, but the ad just seems to sensationalize the tragedy in order to gain opinion in their favor.

It sits wrong with me, but there are others who feel like the ad is just going to the extreme to make a point. That's fine, I suppose. To each his own, and I hold no judgments for those who are pro or anti-Abbott and his politics.


It's a slimy, muddy world, and politicians will sling that mud nonstop 'til they've won or been defeated, and then keep slinging it whenever necessary.

This ad just seemed too muddy for me.

What Did You Think?

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