About two years ago, the folks at Lake Jackson-based Buc-ee's noticed a chain of eerily similar travel stops that had popped up around San Antonio. They took the owners of Choke Canyon BBQ to court, arguing that their logo was too similar to the familiar Buc-ee Beaver logo, and that CCB had stolen their shtick - most notably the spotless bathrooms and miles of gasoline pumps.

Today (Tuesday, May 22), Buc-ee's won its federal lawsuit against CCB. KENS-TV reports that jurors deliberated for six hours before siding with the Buc-ee's crew, who'd argued that the gator logo was in violation of state and federal copyright laws.

Now they begin the process of figuring out what to do about it. Personally, I think there's room enough in Texas for both logos and as many clean bathrooms as we can get alongside our highways. Do we really need to be so litigious?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to hit Buc-ee's for some beaver nuggets and a soda the size of a Volkswagen.

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