Always look both ways when you approach a railroad crossing. You just never know.

I've lived in a few cities that are just covered in rail lines. Muscle Shoals, Alabama comes to mind. It's part of the East/ West rail lines connected to Corinth, Miss that go all the way back to before the civil war. I can't tell you how many times during rush hour someone would be stuck on the tracks due to the red light cycle going down the main drag. Either the crossing gates would come down and wack them on the roof or the hood, or on one occasion, I saw a person drive off the tracks and into a ditch to avoid being struck. Remember the old road signs that said: "Do not stop on the tracks"?

Sadly, One person passed away this morning at the Mills Lane railroad crossing just North of Holland, Texas. An Amtrak train struck a vehicle just before 11 am this morning. One man was pronounced dead at the scene and has not yet been identified.

Chelsea Edwards of KWTX News 10 reports the train had 73 people on board and 11 crew members. The motorist who was killed was the only person hurt in the crash. The train stood still until about 1:30 pm

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