Over the weekend, a video resurfaced of a man who looks like Ski Mask The Slump God performing one of the rapper's songs at a raucous show while naked. Ski has had to publicly deny the person in the video is him. For those uniformed, the South Florida rapper did not strip down nude at a show.

In the video clip in question, Eaddy from the rap-punk duo Ho99o9 is seen donning a mohawk haircut and turning up while performing Ski's song "Life Is Short," sans any stitch of clothing. The turnt crowd seems totally oblivious to the man's lack of attire. The artist even descends into the accepting crowd while he continues to perform.

It didn't take long for people to say the video was indeed of Ski Mask rocking out with his...mic out, but Ski is shutting down the speculation.

"Y’all Know Dam Well That’s Not Me Naked Performing At That Show 😂," he posted on Twitter on Saturday (Nov. 23).

It turns out, the footage is from April when Ho99o9's performed a wild show in Berlin. The audio of Ski's track is dubbed over the actual audio of Ho99o9's song. Uninformed fans still had jokes for the former XXL Freshman.

"I think it is and now you’re trying to cover it up," one person tweeted.

"Your twin out here wildin," another person added.

"You said you was letting ya purple pickle out in the wind huh," someone else replied.

Ski is known for his wild shows, but they are never this wild.

Check out fans' reactions to the video below.


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