Can we get this fight started already?

Soulja Boy is like that annoying little brother who continues to embarrass not only himself but the entire family!

So this beef between him and Chris Brown has been going on for almost two weeks and honestly I'm tired of the TALKING! Allegedly, the fight may take place in Dubai but there hasn't been a set date!

Meanwhile, in between training and making a fool of himself on social media Soulja Boy has been in the studio creating a diss track towards 50 Cent and CB! (Yeahhhh he's coming for 50 and we all know thats a beef he really doesn't wan't)

Did I mention it's a dance that goes with it? Ha lol!

I'll be honest Lil Soulja (clown of the year) can create some great music he's just really bad with maintaining a decent brand image!

Check out the song belong....What y'all think, did he go in?

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