It looks like Tamar Braxton and comedian DeRay Davis got into an argument while taping Hip Hop Squares! Get the Dirty Dirty here!

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According to TMZ, Tamar Braxton and comedian DeRay Davis got into a little beef over lip-synch trash talk. He even, possibly jokingly, said he was going to send his sisters to whoop Tay-Tay's ass! It all started when DeRay accused Tamar of lip-syncing, as a joke, during the filming of Hip Hop Squares. Word is, she didn't hear it, but noticed other people laughing, then asked what was so funny. Lil Mama told Tamar what DeRay said, that's when the argument started. She popped off on DeRay, he clapped back saying he didn't care who she or her sisters were and that he would send HIS sisters to see her! Supposedly they squashed the beef on set, but knowing Tamar, she will hit him with slick talk and sub shots down the line! Hip Hop Squares returns to VH1 Sept. 25 at 9/8c.

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