UPDATE: Shortly after 1 PM, Temple PD spokesperson Ellen Morton said the scene had been cleared and the hazardous material was being transported to a Department of Public Safety lab in Waco for analysis.

Morton did not identify the material, and said the investigation is still active pending test results.


Temple police called a hazmat team to Baylor Scott & White Hospital's emergency room parking lot Wednesday morning after discovering possible hazardous material inside a vehicle.

According to a news release from Temple PD spokesperson Ellen Morton, the department received a call from the Scott & White security team at 8:13 AM. Officers arrived at 8:24 AM and were directed to a gray BMW X3 SUV that may contain an unidentified hazardous material.

Morton wrote that there is no perceived threat to the public, and a Department of Public Safety hazardous materials disposal team has been called to the scene. Temple Fire & Rescue personnel were also at the scene, according to Morton's release.

A photo from the parking lot showed an area closed off by yellow crime scene tape and a police cruiser.

The ER was still admitting and treating patients.

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