Temple, Texas residents had been searching tirelessly for almost two weeks to find a missing 20 year old father that disappeared after attending a family gathering. Now, according to this KCEN article, the body that was found just across the road from Buc-ee's is claimed to be that of Amarioon Moore by his mother.

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His last known whereabouts was around 1 AM on Saturday morning March 30th when he was picked up by a friend, and reportedly driven to another friend's house where he was dropped off, and then never heard from again.

New Body Near Buc-ee's Is The Missing Temple, Texas Father

Flyers were posted all across Central Texas, and community search parties were held in an attempt to locate Moore were held. Now the family moves onto the new emotion of missing Moore forever after his body was recovered on Lower Troy Road in North Temple.

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At the same time, this investigation has now shifted from a missing person to a yet unannounced proceeding by the Temple Police Department. Without an official declaration of foul play being suspected, it is difficult at this time to know which direction the case will follow.

What we do know is that Moore's family, that includes a young child, was quick to report him missing, and the community came together immediately to search for him over the past couple of weeks. Sadly, Moore is now gone.

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