Temple, Texas woke up to news of a dynamic police chase that ended with two people dead, and two more in the hospital after a stolen vehicle was allegedly used in a burglary in Waco. This is not the first time authorities have unfortunately found dead bodies near Buc-ee's in the last year.

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A stolen Mazda 3 was traveling at an extremely high speed all the way to the north end of Temple before bursting into flames after a rollover exit near Buc-ee's.

A little before 5 AM on the way to work this morning, was traveling past the accident site and able to see the vehicle surrounded by multiple first responder vehicles.

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It was difficult to see the scene due to it still being night, but it could tell then that the car had rolled several times and was lying in a grassy area between the southbound Interstate 35 exit to Northwest HK Dodgen Loop and General Bruce Drive.

Two Now Dead By Buc-ee's From Scary Temple, Texas Chase

Google Images/Canva
Google Images/Canva

The Google Images picture above shows approximately where I saw the vehicle resting after rolling several times. You will notice the huge sign for Buc-ee's in the background just across the interstate.

According to this KWTX article all four teenage occupants of the car were ejected during the crash, and two males ages 16 and 17 have died while two females also aged 16 and 17 were hospitalized for their injuries.

During the chase several local authorities were involved, and at least one deputy with McLennan County crashed while in the pursuit that began around 2 AM this morning.

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