When people become displaced through the circumstances of life like a fire, personal transition, or homelessness there is nothing greater than assisting someone or their family from getting back on their feet again. Which is why the Salvation Army of Bell County Corps in Temple, Texas is such an important non profit to support as they have a goal of "Doing the most good."

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Believe it or not, one of the biggest ways to help somebody get on their feet again is actually by providing them somewhere to lie down. Last year the Bell County Salvation Army Corps held their very first new air mattress drive, and were able to collect 50 air mattresses still in their box to distribute to those in need in Central Texas.

Why is the Bell County Texas Salvation Army Corps hosting an new air mattress drive?


It is not uncommon for homeless and displaced individuals and families to be transitioning into several short term housing environments. Additionally, when someone does find a permanent home, they are often unfurnished.

Owning a reliable and new air mattresses allows someone to move about as necessary, and always have a place to sleep or sit. You can take your time acquiring many furniture items, but getting efficient rest is at the core of living a healthy life, and having your most basic need after food and shelter accommodated.

How can you donate to the Bell County Texas Salvation Army air mattress drive?

You can drive up from 10 am – 12 pm Saturday, January 27, at the front of the McLane Center of Hope at 419 West Avenue G in Temple.

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