The stories of items going missing in the Texas mail go back beyond the days of the Pony Express (which did not even operate in Texas), and as the population of the United States has grown, so has the number of items that never reach their final destination.

So, we know missing mail is nothing new, but in the last few years it has reached astronomical numbers. In fact, the cases of mail theft and fraud that have been reported to have doubled between 2020 and 2021, and then doubled again the following year.

Just two weeks ago, this article with CBS News details how a woman attempted to twice cash an illegal check in Fort Worth within a few days after it was placed in a Dallas drop box.

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Texas, You Need To Quit Mailing Checks Right Now

Articles are pouring in all over the place like this one from Yahoo Finance saying basically even the USPS doesn't trust their system, and has recommended everyone stop using the mail to send checks.

If you still need to send a check, it is suggested to only send cashier's checks because there is not any personal information that can be stolen like the account or routing number. Also, if you must send a check, to utilize certified mail or some other form of secure door to door shipping that reduces the length of exposure and access to sticky fingers.

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