If there is one things that I simply cannot stand looking at when traveling around Texas, it is trash because it is almost entirely preventable.

One of the biggest problems with a population boom is how much waste a construction site can produce, and how little care goes into keeping those areas clean. Which is why nearly 40 years ago we started a campaign.

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I live near a loop that is currently undergoing a surge of construction, and driving by every day you can see loads of trash that has blown from the nearby work sites all over the right of way to the loop.

People seem to forget that the wind is almost constantly blowing, so if you do not throw something away properly, it quickly becomes your neighbor's problem.

America's Dirtiest City Right Now Is This Texas Town

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This might be my biggest pet peeve because putting trash near an overflowing receptacle does not count as throwing it away. If the closest can is full, hold onto your garbage until you find one that is not.

Just last week my 7 year old son let a piece of trash fall from his pocket, and I immediately had him pick it up, and told him to hold it to put it in the trash can later.

What Texas town is the dirtiest in all of America?

According to this study by LawnStarter, the dirtiest city in America, and thereby the whole Lone Star State, is Houston, and it's not the first time.

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The city also ranked 3rd worst in pollution, 4th worst in living conditions, and 12th worst for infrastructure.

Consumer satisfaction ranked 34th worst, so it appears the people of Houston are not all that upset with how dirty they are.

San Antonio ranked as the 7th dirtiest city on the list.

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