A lot of changes have been implemented recently in retails stores across Texas, and now it appears your Dollar General experience could soon become so new you might think you have stepped into a different store.

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How often is your experience inside Dollar General kind of like being in the back room of your local grocery store. There are pallets of unpacked items everywhere, but the one thing you do not typically see is an employee.

Often times, especially before the the self check out lanes were installed, you would not be surprised to find a bell sitting on the counter, and sometimes even a sign with a phone number for you to call if you needed assistance.

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 Dollar General Now Bringing Big Changes In Their Texas Stores


Unfortunately most, I feel comfortable in saying all, shoplifters do not disclose their plans to commit larceny, so several retail stores are taking measures to counter this type of loss.

According to this CNN article, you can begin expecting far more people at the cashier's station moving forward, and Dollar General's own CEO recently said the move,

“Helps on the shrink line because (we’ve) got somebody at the front end of the store that is always there to monitor.”


It is unknown whether your overall shopping experience will improve with less self check out, but one thing is for sure, you won't have to wander the whole store to find an associate.

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