Last week during our winter crisis, my energy provider Griddy actually encouraged customers to change electric providers because the rates would skyrocket!
Here's an email they sent to me:
So in their defense, they gave a warning that high rates would follow, but c'mon - the rate jump was ridiculous.
Look at my bill:
Yes, almost $4,000!
Seriously, let's zoom in on the statement they sent me.
Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media
Instead of panicking, I thought to myself, "This is a mistake and they will fix it".
Seems like there are other people experiencing this same issue. In fact, one woman was charged $10,000 with the same company.
In another example, a household paying $2 a day for electricity was charged $640 per day.
Where in the world is that right?
Griddy explained on their website what happened and how they intend to fight these erroneous charges.
Meanwhile, San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg appeared on CNN over the weekend to make it very clear how he (and countless Texans, I'm sure) feel about the idea of having to pay exorbitant electric bills after the spectacular failure of Texas' energy grid last week.
Mayor Nirenberg said it would be "unconscionable" for the people of Texas to have to foot the bill for a failure beyond their control, and said there'll be hell to pay if ERCOT doesn't get the bill instead.
Last week it was reported that Texas' Public Utility Commission had called for higher energy prices due to scarcity and high demand caused by the winter storm, during which millions of Texans didn't even have electricity service.
Governor Greg Abbott has called for banning disconnection of service for nonpayment related to the winter storm, and an oil and gas attorney recently advised Texans to turn off auto-pay and dispute charges that appear to be unfair.
 Be patient Texans. They will figure this all out and wipe out those charges...hopefully.


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