There has been a lot of planning and excitement going into being prepared for the total solar eclipse that is happening over the Killeen-Temple, Texas are on Monday April 8th, 2024, but did you know we get a really awesome extra eclipse this weekend as a bonus?

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Perhaps the most special part of the eclipse that is happening this weekend is that we will be able to witness it just mere hours before the Micro Worm Moon goes full.

The moon will switch to a super moon during the upcoming solar eclipse, is something of a rarity itself, and we will greatly benefit from its occurrence. Since the moon will be passing Earth in a closer orbit when it crosses paths with the Sun, we will enjoy almost two additional minutes of eclipse totality than if the moon was farther from our planet.

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Extra Texas Eclipse Is Now This Weekend

The eclipse we are having this weekend almost exactly two weeks prior to the total solar eclipse, is called a penumbral eclipse, which is a lunar eclipse. The eclipse will begin just about midnight as Sunday becomes Monday, and last about 4 hours in total.

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Did you know that there is always some type of lunar eclipse immediately preceding a solar eclipse? The reason makes very simple sense.

As the Sun and moon are lining up to block the sunlight from reaching Earth, at some point, Earth will also line up with the Sun to block the moon from receiving light.

Also, during the solar eclipse, be sure to look for the Devil's Comet to be visible near the western horizon.

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