Fugitive inmate Brandon Wayne Hogan is described as 'possibly desperate', and has been on the run since late last month.

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Coryell County Sheriff Scott Williams is encouraging everyone in Central Texas with doorbell cams and security cameras to double-check their footage, just in case Hogan shows up on any area videos.

Brandon Hogan Escapes

KWTX reports that Hogan was on a prison crew doing yard work at Seton Cemetery when he escaped custody last month. He was charged with theft of a firearm, burglary of a habitation, assault of a family member, and criminal mischief.

A few days before he escaped from the work crew under the supervision of a community service manager, Hogan learned about additional charges filed against him for being a felon in possession of a firearm. According to KWTX, because of the extra charges he was facing, Hogan became very “distraught”.

Sheriff Williams says he was on vacation when the escape occurred, and returned to Coryell County immediately to oversee the search.

Warning From Coryell County Sheriff

Sheriff Williams gave a message directly to Hogan during a news conference, saying it was not too late for him to come back, and warned those who may be helping or hiding the fugitive.

We are going to hunt you like a dog. We’re going to hunt you 24/7, and if we find that you helped him, I can assure you, we will take away your freedom.

Hogan is a 37-year-old white male, with a height of 5'9", weighing 160 pounds. Anyone with information about his location is being asked to call the Coryell County Sheriff's Office at 254-865-7201 or 911. DO NOT approach or engage this fugitive.

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