Any good nutritionist will tell you the key to a good Texas diet is balance, and the way you obtain that balance is most often through food prepping before visiting your local grocery store. We are very fortunate to have several of the highest ranked grocery stores in the whole country right in in the Lone Star State, but to attempting to keep us balanced is also one of the very worst single groceries in the United States as ranked by Solitaired.

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What details are customers looking for exactly when determining the best and worst features in their grocery store experience? Solitaired compiled all the reviews and their overall star ratings to rank the best grocery stores, and then looked at the lack of positive reviews to determine the worst store in Texas at customer service, that is also the 9th worst overall in America.

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One Texas Grocery Store Now Among The Worst In America

Google Images/Canva
Google Images/Canva

This Kroger at Legacy Village in Plano ranked as the 9th worst grocery store for customer service in the entire United States, which made it easily the worst supermarket in the great state of Texas. About 1 in every 12 reviews that this store receives mentions poor customer service.

With the shopping habits of today's customers, I don't imagine too many are swayed by customer service anymore because so many do deliver or pick up. With this new normal process, it will also make it very difficult for in person shopping reviews to improve.

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