Texas is a pretty wild place especially when it comes to eco systems and wildlife. While observing nature can be a very enjoyable past time in Texas, not all fauna are great to have around, namely bugs.

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We have more snakes than any other state, but Arizona has most of the really scary and dangerous ones.

And yes, we get mosquitos, but we also get quite a few helping insects as well. There is one in particular that at first glance looks mosquito like, and it is currently invading the Lone Star State big time.

Horrific Insect Now Taking Over Texas, But Don't Kill It

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They are called crane flies, but many people fear them because their nickname is mosquito hawks. Yes, they do resemble what we would imagine a super sized mosquito would look like, but they aren't anything alike.


In fact, crane flies are a very useful bug that helps with increasing soil production, and once they finally emerge from creating organic material for our ground, they become great pollinators for the emerging spring plant life.

Crane flies also serve a very valuable purpose in the great circle of life because they are food to songbirds. They really enjoy water, so they help feed fish and aquatic life too.

What do you do if you see a crane fly in Texas?

I saw one in my garage just yesterday and immediately confused it for a wasp at first. I am glad I cautiously took a closer look to recognize it was just a crane fly, and kindly thanked him for his service.

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