One of the greatest pleasures of living in Texas is how many great places we have to eat that goes beyond steak houses, bar-b-que, and Tex-Mex restaurants. With 30 million or more residents, that is a lot of hungry mouths to feed, and so there is room in our eatery profile for lots of chain and franchise establishments.

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Recently, this Chain Store Age article rated the most and least trusted brands in the United States, and the results may shock you. I know for one, my wife will be incredibly surprised to learn the least trusted chain, and yet I remain 100 percent confident it will not persuade her from still craving her hometown favorite.

I do not know exactly when the survey was conducted, but it definitely happened before they chain made front page news for selling an energy drink that was consumed right before a couple people died.

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Least Trusted Restaurant In America Now Has 114 Texas Locations

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What is the least trusted restaurant chain in America that has 114 Texas locations?

If you are not familiar with Panera Bread, they are based out of Missouri where they originally were called Saint Louis Bread Company. My wife is from StL, and she simply cannot pass any of the 114 Texas locations without nostalgically desiring a sandwich or drink.

Personally, I don't mind Bread Co., but I can always leave it just as easily as take it. With that said, I can't imagine ever telling a pollster that I don't trust it.

How about you?

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