Well that escalated quickly! A man in El Paso punched a McDonald's employee over his fries!

Credit: KXXV

Talk about a food fight! The man jumped over the counter and punched the employee after knocking a cookie display over. He punched the Mickey D's worker because he claims it took too long for him to get his fries, according to KXXV! Alfredo Sanchez, who recorded the incident on his phone, said "We were eating, and all of a sudden, I hear my friend say, ‘What the heck?’ And I see a guy come in with a big dog. He's telling the people, ‘I waited two hours for my fries. The guy takes off his shirt, and he's ready to fight him, ready to fight, jumps over the counter, and that's when he hits the guy. He just punches him right on the lip.”

El Paso Police say no one was arrested, and they are still investigating.

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