Waco, Texas may be unexpectedly looking for their newest resident if Baylor University's men's basketball coach Scott Drew is offered the same role at the University of Kentucky over the next few days. When one of the blue chip jobs (like head coach at Kentucky) of any industry becomes suddenly available, the domino effects often reach well across the profession.

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John Calipari leaving Kentucky seems like it was going to happen no matter what, but it was Arkansas's former coach Eric Musselman leaving first that opened to the door for Calipari to remain in the SEC. Kentucky wanted to part ways with Calipari, but he more or less had a lifetime contract, so finding another school in the SEC helped pave the way for his leaving.

Now, with the Kentucky Wildcat opening, Drew's name has been mentioned in several places as being the top candidate for the job.

It took Drew almost 20 seasons to raise Baylor from a D1 embarrassment to a national championship. Imagine what he could do with the resources of a powerhouse legacy like UK?

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Could Baylor's Scott Drew Now Beat Texas To The SEC?

Drew just led Baylor to the national title 3 seasons ago, and finished ranked 16th this year. If Drew is indeed the next head coach at Kentucky, he would squeeze his way into the SEC family just weeks before the University of Texas, and Oklahoma as they are joining the conference officially on July 1st.

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