When someone in Texas says,

"This place has everything,"

there is a very good chance they were referring to this discount store chain with almost 400 locations that are all now going to liquidate and close very soon.

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As a parent of three small children, it can be a constant struggle to complete a shopping trip without an endless request of, "Can I get this, can I get that." Whenever we would make a trip here, I would just tell the kids to fill their arms, and I'd only be out about $5 each.

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Hundreds Of These Stores Including All In Texas Now Closing

In a time when all the bargain stores like Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree were upping their prices to $1.25 or more for their minimum prices and several items now priced way above that, you could always rely on this place to hold you down.

Sure, even 99 would mark a few items above the standard price, but it was not going to Goodwill and trying to figure out which color tag mean what discount. If it did not have a specified price, you could always count on it being 99 Cents Only.

The reason being cited for the whole company going belly up is the usual language about the challenges of recovering since Covid-19, and of course with so many stores also being in California and their theft epidemic, staying in business was simply no longer possible.

Learn more in this CBS 8 article.

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