As I read this story the first thing that popped into my head was lack of education on the who do you blame?

A Texas woman was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday, for voting illegally, back in 2016.

Crystal Mason 43, voted as a convicted felon for a previous fraud charge and claims she didn't know Texans felons couldn't vote until after their sentence was complete.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports she is one of 500,000 people who can't vote because of their felony convictions.

Reportedly, Mason testified that she was walked through the process of voting at a polling place in November of 2016, receiving a provisional ballot, and being informed that her vote may or may not be counted.

While it was unclear if Mason informed the workers at the polling place that she was a convicted felon, she signed an affidavit stating she was NEVER convicted of any felony but claims she didn't closely examine the form. 

Handcuffs And Fingerprints


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