If you have children in Texas, and they do not possess a peanut allergy, you most likely rely heavily on peanut butter filling a plethora of hunger requests throughout the given day or week.

My five year old daughter Royal probably asks for a peanut butter and J at least 3 times per day, and if she ever develops a love for noodles on her peanut butter sandwich, she might actually not eat anything else ever again.

The Most Disgusting Peanut Butter In America Now In Texas

KatoHammond YouTube/Canva
KatoHammond YouTube/Canva

Seriously, just look at how unappetizing that sandwich looks, and that is before we even consult the data that claims this is the worst peanut butter in America according to this article at 24/7 Wall St.

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If America is about convenience, why is this peanut butter the worst?

One of the most important pieces to enjoying food is how much we eat with our eyes. Unless you are having your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches being assembled by a five year old, there should be a recognizable layering to your sammie.

Smucker's Goober has the two ingredients blended together, and asks you to lather it onto anything from bread to crackers without any regards for how bleh it looks.

If I tried to make a PB&J that looks like that for my kid, she would call the police and demand the manufacturer be given a ticket.

Thankfully, our families two favorite brands did not make the list. That's called a parenting win without even trying.

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