What kind of team are the Dallas Cowboys?

They looked red hot in the first three games, scoring 30-plus and making few mistakes. In their first loss in week four against the New Orleans Saints, they managed to hold the offense to only score 12 points, but everything went wrong in the 34-24 loss to the Green Bay Packers Sunday afternoon.

The defense didn't have an answer for Aaron Rodgers or running back Aaron Jones. Neither Aaron had a monster statistical game, but seemed to be able to do whatever they wanted against Rod Marinelli's unit.

Dak Prescott had career highs in both passing yards and interceptions. Whenever he would seem to be getting in rhythm either a penalty or turnover would stale the offense.

So how good is this team? It's hard to tell. Their victories come against teams that seem to have absolutely no chance of making it to the postseason and the losses leave a lot to be improved.

They still lead the NFC East due to a better division record. I still remain confident that this is a playoff team. Heck, they had a worse start last year and still played in January. This is a more talented unit, just need to move on.

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