Anything that Yo Gotti does, Killeen, Texas rappers can do better!

Last week, the popular Memphis rapper Yo Gotti took to Instagram to present a new challenge to his fans and hungry MCs that are trying to "get on" everywhere.

The Tennessee rapper basically presented a "doughnut" designed for artists to insert their verse on a track that Gotti supplies. You just have to insert your verses in between his.

Here's an example of how Yo Gotti breaks it down and wants you to do the same:


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Check Out Lul Florida

 After seeing this, a few Killeen MCs went on Triller and recorded the challenge. You be the judge. First off is LUL Florida! Originally from Florida and now doing his thing in Killeen, he brought his skills to the Yo Gotti Challenge. Check him out: 




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Then There's Lil Hood Reppin The Grip Boyz

Lil Hood (What Up Hood!), one of Killeen's most recognized artists who tours with Mystikal, thought he could do a better job than Yo Gotti. How do you think he did?


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Chelly Flame Took The Challenge Too

Also, shout out to Chelly Flame who is originally from Atlanta but reppin' Killeen while stationed at Fort Hood. She put her own twist on this one, representing for the ladies. Check out her Gotti Challenge:




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We got more Killeen artists that took the challenge!

That boy IYF Peezy checking in with his version:



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Here's another artist, who took the challenge check it out from Cooly Clyde:





Check this one out from Fat Hustle:






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Basically, Yo Gotti can't say nobody from Killeen responded. Good Luck to the MCs from Killeen!


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