So a few days ago, I told you about the fine-ass teacher who got pregnant by her 8th grade student.



Kudos to the shorty for laying that mack down and giving his english teacher good diction.


Ok, I can joke about this story because it was a consensual sexual relationship that the student's parents knew about.


Anyway, on the heels of that happening, The Texas Education Agency has now reported that it has launched 162 investigations of reported inappropriate teacher-student relationships since September 1st!




Let me find out Texas has freaky teachers! 


Get this though, last year 188 investigations were conducted so the number has went down slightly. 


I'm trippin that the number is even that high, almost every year. 


Last school year Texas reached a 7 year high in inappropriate teacher-sex relationships. 


The Texas Senate addressed this topic in December, where social media was the blame. Students and teachers are easily accessible by sliding in them DM's.


Reportedly lawmakers could address this during next year's legislative session.

Bloomberg via Getty Images