This truly seems like a story from a TV crime drama or an instance from America's Most Wanted.

The crimes this Texas man has confessed to are what some would describe as horrific.

What Happened?

According to a press release by The Tarant County District's Office, a Fort Worth Man named Jason Alan Thornburg has been indicted on felony arson and murder charges, which both carry a maximum sentence of 5-99 years or life in prison.


"God Told Him" To Make Human Sacrifices

According to an affidavit, Thornberg told authorities that he has an "in-depth knowledge of the Bible" and believes "he was called to commit human sacrifices".

When asked if he sacrificed others, he confessed to killing his roommate Mark Jewell by slicing his throat, then uncapping a gas line and lighting a candle so the house would burn.


Accused Of Killing Three Other People Last Year

According to CBS DFW, back in May of 2021, Thornburg told authorities one of his victims had to be sacrificed. So, Thornburg reportedly killed David Lueras by slitting his throat and cutting his body into pieces in the bathtub.

You wonder how extensive an investigation there'll be into these murders because they have documented accounts of his admission to these heinous crimes. Then again, you definitely want to be thorough if you're hoping to put someone capable of committing them away.

Authorities say Thornburg also admitted to killing two other women, Lauren Phillips and Maricruz Mathis. who he says needed to be sacrificed by either stabbing and strangling them or slitting their throats, then hiding their remains in a storage bin.

Religious Aspirations

This is where it gets weirder.

Thornburg reportedly had high religious aspirations and wanted to be a missionary. He even spoke at the funeral of Mark Jewell - one of the victims.

There's clearly a mental health issue here, and hopefully that is addressed and the person responsible for these killings spends the rest of their life behind bars.


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