United Airlines causes a woman to miss saying goodbye to her dying mother!!

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Ticket troubles stood between a Pueblo, CO, woman and a last goodbye she'll never get to say.

The incident happened on Jan. 16 when a gate agent removed Carrol Amrich from a flight to say goodbye to her mother, according to KXXV. Carrol had already boarded the flight, but due to an error she was taken off the flight. She did not make it to the hospital to see her mother before she passed away. According to Carol, her landlord purchased the ticket for her through a third party vendor. When she found out that her mother's condition had gotten worse, the landlord contacted United to get Carol on an earlier flight. The representative allegedly told the landlord that would be fine, but it wasn't. A gate agent removed Carol from the flight right before it took off, saying her ticket had been cancelled. "The agent responded that her ticket had been refunded and that 'nobody flies for free,'" according to the New York Times. United, which is the same airline that dragged the doctor off a flight, offered their condolences, according to the Associate Press.

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