Planning on flying somewhere in 2017? We do! So what's the deal with proper identification at the airport? We have all heard stories over the past year that soon airports will not accept driver's licenses from certain states who don't comply with the Real ID Enforcement program.

Texas is currently one of many states under an "extension" which allows state residents to fly using a driver's license as their primary identification. This will continue through October of 2017. 

It's hard to imagine that a driver's license isn't going to get the job done much longer, but getting the word out on pending changes can help you avoid one very frustrating trip to the airport. So, what's the deal with Real ID Enforcement in Texas? You jump through enough hoops and spend all day at the DMV to get your Texas license, but soon now that's not going to be good enough for the TSA?

Texas is currently under an extension for Real ID Enforcement from the TSA through October of 2017. Until then, you'll be safe to just have a drivers license to board a plan this spring and summer. Unless the extension deadline is changed, Texas could be looking at needing a passport just to fly by the end of the year. Best bet is to bookmark this link for the Department of Homeland Security, and continue to check back as information is released about Real ID Enforcement in Texas.


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