Azealia Banks got into a heated altercation with a flight attendant while traveling from New York to LAX on Monday night (Sept. 21). During the argument, which was caught on video, the “212” rhymer yelled a homophobic slur.

According to TMZ, a French couple was blocking Banks from leaving the plane after it landed. When she tried to squeeze by the couple, the man put his hand out to stop her from passing by him.

That’s when, according to eyewitnesses, Banks went bonkers and started punching the man and allegedly spat in his face. That’s when a flight attendant stepped in and grabbed Banks’ bag and told her to calm down.

This is where the video comes in. In the clip above, you can see the “Licorice” rapper and the attendant engage in a tug-of-war over her luggage. After the tussle, she then calls the flight attendant a “f---ing f-----.”

TMZ reports that the police did speak with the French couple but they chose not to press charges because they were on vacation and didn’t want to bother.

Banks, who has a history of using the homophobic slur on social media, defended her action in a series of tweets on her Twitter account. The 24-year-old rhymer claims the French man actually hit her in the face and added, "I don't tolerate bitchassness and I don't tolerate men putting their hands on me."

However, when the backlash of her using the F-word at a flight attendant was too much to bear she put her account on private. "Now you all can sit here in your fake outrage and discuss this amongst yourselves!! I'm headed to the beauty parlor! SIYONARA MOTHERF---ERS!" she wrote before her page went private.

What do you think? Was Azealia Banks out of line for using a gay slur at a flight attendant? Tell us in the comments below.

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