Yeah, last weekend the old man hung out all weekend with my fam. Lil Hood, Grip or Die Fam, Sparkdawg, Sparkalot Fam and so many other friends.


It started on the air with Lil Hood that Friday afternoon, then the Wild n Out at the Mixtape Release Party. Saturday I did a remote and we got together and had a Power lunch meeting. From there we went to support Truck and his GODN & Rap-a-lot major network Back To School Backpack Giveaway at Long branch Park. Then that night we all got together at Chicago wearing the New B106 CC Cruz Signature Edition T-Shirts and then what? in my Young Jeezy Voice…We all ended up being detained by the Police. lol Sounds like a script for the next "Hangover" movie. Check out the pics with more to surface. I'm sure.   cccruz