The year isn't over yet but Kendrick Lamar, Quavo and Metro Boomin have already been named some of the most successful songwriters of 2017 so far.

According to a report from Music Business Worldwide, producer Metro Boomin is the biggest song writer of the year so far thanks to hits like "No Heart," "X" and "Tunnel Vision." The producer has scored nine big Billboard Hot 100 hits in a six-month period.

Up next on the list is Quavo of Migos. Along with songs from the Atlanta trio, Quavo has also been featured on Calvin Harris' "Slide" and Big Sean's "Sacrifices." Kendrick comes in behind Quavo thanks to his own songs such as "DNA," "Humble" and "Loyalty."

While both Kendrick and Quavo have had more songs on the chart than Metro Boomin, the producers songs have been more successful as placement on the charts. According to Music Business Worldwide, the rankings are determined by a point scale. "Each track on the Billboard Hot 100 chart across the six months is assigned a point value, with 1,000 points for a No.1 record and down 10 points for each subsequent weekly placing (so the No.100 song each week gets 10 points)."

Rounding out the top five is Ed Sheeran at No. 4 and Drake at No. 5. Other hip-hop artists on the list include Offset (No. 9), Southside (No. 15), J. Cole (No. 16) and Mike Will Made It (No. 18).

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