😋 Yes I'm that crazy bluebell fan that has to try the new flavor #CookieTwoStep for breakfast!! #BlueBell #BlueBellLover

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With the teaser, "It'll have you dancing in the grocery story aisle," you better believe we have high hopes for the new flavor being introduced by the famous Texas creamery, Blue Bell Ice Cream.

I would do the same. 😵 #imissyoubluebell #youcancomebacknow #bluebellicecream

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In fact, there was a crowd of people outside a delivery truck in Houston celebrating the "rebirth" of Blue Bell and its new flavor. Drumroll please!

Today marks the birth of the Cookie Two Step: a mixture of chocolate chip cookie dough (my personal favorite already), chocolate sandwich cookies and vanilla ice cream. The Houston Chron gave an even better description:

In other words, cookie dough ice cream combined with cookies 'n' cream ice cream.

Dear Lord have mercy on my soul and my stomach... The release of the new flavor is in celebration of National Ice Cream Month.

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