Thanks to our camera phones, just about everyone is recording video almost daily nowadays.

Many of us like to film local events and traditions so we can relive those memories later, and now we're being invited to share those unique memories and perspectives with the entire world.

The Texas Archive of the Moving Image is inviting people to contribute videos to their 'Show Us Your Texas' Digital Round-Up.

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The goal is to document and archive footage from everyday people that's captured places, traditions, events, and pretty much just anything Texas.

Maybe you've filmed a dive into Jacob's Well or a bull ride at your city's annual 4th of July rodeo. Maybe you've taken pictures at Nature in Lights, a field of bluebonnets, a beautiful farm with cattle, or just a big catch a Lake Belton. Whatever you've captured, it could be a part of Texas history if you feel like sharing it with this project.

They ask that any video submitted be appropriate for kids in classrooms, so if you were a little too rowdy in the video, maybe keep that one to yourself.

Videos can be submitted here.

This is a great way to help future generations get an idea of how we've been living today. There'll be all kinds of footage of the big world events from news stations and law enforcement, but how much of what we do every day as Texans will be preserved? This is your chance to put your stamp on history and show future Texans what our lives were like.

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