"Eating good in the neighborhood," recently got a lot more challenging for fans of Applebee's in Waco, Texas, and the ownership group has now announced that several locations will be closing across the country before the end of the year. If you take their president's word for it, the closures are not a reason to panic, and it is totally normal in the growth cycle of Applebee's because of their mature brand status according to this Today article.

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Guess that is good news for Applebee's patrons, but it does little to comfort similar brands that we have seen shuttering recently like Friday's or Red Lobster. You have probably been reading my articles long enough to know that I seldom embellish, and even when I do it is generally hyperbole for comedic purposes.

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In the past couple months, I feel like the majority of what I have written about it restaurants closing across the Lone Star State, and it has not been enjoyable at all.

Popular Chain In Texas Now Closing Massive Number Of Locations

Probably the most concerning part of the announcement of a massive amount of additional closures is that even the employees have not been receiving any kind of notice, let alone the lifelong customers.

There does appear to be some good news, the parent company has plans to open more IHOP locations, and they have been successfully been opening hybrid restaurants that offer both IHOP and Applebee's menus.

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