Theft has to be one of the most annoying, angering, and violating thing that can happen to you in Texas. It really creeps in a little deeper than other offenses because of how friendly most Texans are, and how generous most people are to their friends and neighbors.

The Lone Star State's name actually comes from the Caddo word meaning friend.

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Tailgates have always been an easy target for theft because of how easily they are removed. I myself have taken off a tailgate within a few seconds, and that task becomes even easier if there is more than one person pulling the job.

Even when your tailgate is locked, and additional safety measures are in place, a properly equipped team of two can still pull off the job in about one minute.

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Tailgate Theft Is The New Headache For Texas Truck Owners

When you factor in all the technology that is in place with newer tailgates, the risk vs reward ratio is way more profitable to thieves than catalytic converters.

The single biggest challenge to deterring tailgate theft is that the back of a pickup truck is designed to come off to accommodate larger or overflowing loads.

There Are A Few Steps You Can Take To Deter Tailgate Theft In Texas.

Outside of being as prepared as possible and aware of your surroundings, it probably wouldn't hurt to receive a little good luck as well.

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