Almost six months ago, Marcus Nelson then the superintendent of the Waco School District was pulled over by Waco Police for "having a lil loud on him".

He was arrested for possession of marijuana less than 2 grams and was released on his own cognizance 12 hours after he was arrested.

Had this guy not been the superintendent of a school district this really wouldn't be a big deal.

After his arrest he was offered a plea deal and the charge was dropped from his criminal record.

Now KWTX has obtained video of his arrest where he clearly recognizes he could lose his job and his reputation could be at stake.


Nelson released a statement that read:

”I deeply regret my actions of six months ago, and it’s my sincere prayer that others can learn from my experience. I’ve lost a job I love and the respect of my colleagues and peers. I look forward to putting this behind me and growing from this and returning to serving the children of our state and creating opportunities through education.”

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