So, last month during unprecedented Texas snowstorm Uri, I got an amazingly high electric bill of $4,000.

The first thing I didn't do was panic. While I was upset and confused, I thought to myself, this is a mistake and they'll correct it. Well, it wasn't, and they didn't.

Now it seems moves are being made to not only fix what happened to me, but to the countless other Texans who were affected.

My electric retailer at the time, Griddy, explained on their website what happened and how they intended to fight those erroneous charges.

Now it's the State of Texas' turn.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the Texas Senate on Monday used a parliamentary procedure trick to file a bill after Thursday's deadline. Then, Forbes reports, they quickly passed that bill.

The Texas Tribune reports that the legislation, titled Senate Bill 2142, aims to roll back $16 billion in wholesale electricity charges ERCOT billed to power companies during last month's winter storm. Now the Texas House will need to take action.
Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick have made investigating Texas' power grid failure and "billing errors" an emergency item during the current legislative session.
(By the way, Abbott has also renewed Texas' Winter Storm Disaster Declaration, and Texans still working to recover from the storm can apply for FEMA assistance here.)
This is good news for all of those who were clueless about what they were going to do when they got that expensive electric bill.

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