A massive amount of Texas cities are on a new list for worst run in the USA.

As an enormous amount of people continue to immigrate to Texas from across the country, the major cities of the Lone Star State like Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Fort Worth are absorbing the bulk of the new residents. As more and more people and refugees stake their claim it becomes paramount that these cities work as efficiently as possible because if they slip to a point of no return it can end up bad for all of Texas.

Source: WalletHub
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New study by Wallet Hub for overall efficiency placed 7 Texas cities in the bottom half.


Lubbock, TX performed the worst on the list, and came in as the 43rd worst run city in America. The quality ranking of the city services held the city more than anything.

Only 2 Texas cities finished in the top 50 for being best run in the US.


El Paso, TX was determined to be the 48th best run city, and Corpus Christi, TX landed at exactly 50.

Only one other major city in Texas landed in the top half of best run in America.


Fort Worth, TX actually just missed the top 50 too, by ranking as the 54th best run city in the United States.

What 7 Texas cities ranked in the bottom half for best run cities in the United States?

  1. Arlington, TX started the bottom half at #75.
  2. Garland, TX was ranked #84.
  3. Houston, TX immediately followed at #85.
  4. San Antonio, TX is ranked #90.
  5. Austin, TX is #95.
  6. Dallas, TX stayed just above the bottom third at #98.

Before you get too down on the rankings, just remind yourself how embarrassingly bad the major cities in New York, Illinois, and California finished. Overall Texas isn't in a bad place yet, but there's always room for improvement.

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