Nothing will have you in tears faster in the Killeen-Temple, Texas area than coming to terms with just how expensive grocery shopping has gotten especially in cities like Austin or Dallas and Fort Worth.

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We all know how much food costs went through because of supply chain issues that began during the Covid-19 pandemic and continue through ridiculous inflation that gripped the whole United States in the years since. Now, put all of that aside, and prepare yourself to believe that after California, it is the Lone Star State that has more locations than anywhere else of the most overprice grocery store in America.

This Texas grocery store chain is so overpriced, it gets called "Whole Paycheck."

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Getty Images/Canva

The really wild part about how overpriced Whole Foods Markets, with 37 locations in Texas, is that their prices have actually improved since being purchased by Amazon in 2017.

Why is Whole Foods Market the most overpriced grocery store in Texas?

Please remember, these are not my words, but those of this article at Delish. It is safe to say that many of the recent memes about how little $100 buys at the grocery store today since the recent inflation probably should have already had its viral moment because of Whole Foods.

How expensive is Whole Foods Market in Texas?

(Caution, there is 1 NSFW word near the end.)

Before it was fashionable to say so, my family has pretty much kept our food shopping to HEB and Aldi, and supporting the farmer's market as much as possible. When you have 3 little mouths to feed, you're always looking for the next money saving hack.

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